Child with Waldorf doll, knitted play food, and handcrafted cherry table.

Our Values & Beliefs

When our first child was born in 1988, my husband and I felt frustrated by the limited options in local stores. The organic toys and clothing that met our standards were all made in Europe! Where were the safe, high-quality American-made toys?

I began selling imported organic baby clothes, winter woolens, and non-local produce out of my car just to provide choice in our community. Several years later, Camden Rose was born. Our wooden toys, natural baby products, soft dolls, and wooden playroom furniture quickly found a following with eco-conscious families.

Bits of hardwood cuts in one of our toymaker's shops. Our toys begin and end with natural, nontoxic materials.

Locally Handcrafted

As Midwesterners, we are surrounded by lovely natural hardwoods and skilled woodworkers. Talented craftspeople help us design our wooden toys, furniture, and kitchen items, and create them from local trees.

We favor hardwoods like cherry, maple, and walnut because they are durable and their wood grain is exceptionally beautiful. The Camden Rose difference is in the details. Smooth, rounded edges require additional time and effort, but the result creates our signature look and feel. To hold and behold Camden Rose toys is a uniquely satisfying sensory experience.

This beautiful wood kitchen includes a fridge and shelves handcrafted in the USA for the natural, non-toxic playroom.

Preserving Childhood

Toys made of wood, wool, silk, and cotton do not impart a false impression of weight, mass, or touch like plastic toys. Imbued with the life force of trees, plants, and living creatures, their warmth and beauty encourages babies and children to explore their world.

Equally important, they are made from renewable resources and are phylate-free and lead-free to keep children and our Mother Earth safe. We're deeply grateful for your commitment to protecting our children and planet, and your role in making Camden Rose the American leader in eco-friendly, natural toy design.


"I can appreciate a good toy when I see one...and this is a brilliant addition to any playroom! My 3 year old son loves to cozy up inside his playstands with a silky and a tin of beads and buttons in the late afternoon for some quiet play. Of course, when other kids are around the space turns into a vibrant, crazy playhouse. The younger kids love playing peekaboo with the canopy, and older kids love that they can reconstruct the whole thing to fit their game. So much fun!"

Grace S.

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