Child with Waldorf doll, knitted play food, and handcrafted cherry table.
Our toys are soft, safe, and healthy for children and for Mother Earth.

A magical hideaway is made by draping rainbow play silks on the canopy of our natural wooden playstands. Stimulating creativity and imaginative play with natural toys made in the USA.
The natural playroom is a magical hideaway.

Our soft Camden Dolls are hand-sewn with simple features to allow for the full range of expression in a child's imagination. Boy and girl dolls come with different hair colors and skin tones.
Our natural dolls have simple features to allow a full range of expression in child's imagination.

We believe

it is possible to raise healthy children without the harmful influences that have come to define child-rearing in recent years. In fact, studies now prove what many parents already understood by intuition: that plastic toys and electronics (even “educational” computer games) do not serve growing children.

As parents and educators, my husband and I did not feel right giving our children plastic. Most of the wooden toys that met any of our standards were made in Europe. We felt that there was a need to design and create natural products with an emphasis on manufacturing in the USA as well as using USA made materials.

Locally handcrafted & locally sourced,

our natural wooden toys are embraced by eco-conscious families across the USA and even abroad. We live in the Midwest, surrounded by beautiful natural hardwoods as well as several woodworking communities where skilled craftsmanship is alive and thriving. We found we could partner with the talented men and women in our area and use Midwestern natural resources to design and create beautiful wooden toys, furniture, and kitchen items. The process has led to relationships we treasure.

We use hardwoods like cherry, maple, and walnut because they are durable and their wood grain is exceptionally beautiful. The Camden Rose difference is in the details. Smooth, rounded edges require additional time and effort, but the result creates our signature look and feel. To hold and behold Camden Rose toys is a uniquely satisfying sensory experience.

Our natural toys

are made from wood, silk, wool, and cotton. Children love these materials because they have a warm, honest quality that appeals to the senses. Unlike plastic, they do not impart a false impression of weight, mass, or touch. Imbued with the life force of trees, plants, and living creatures (sheep and silkworms), they are lovely to touch and behold. Their warmth and beauty encourages babies and children to explore their world. Equally important, they are made from renewable resources and are phylate-free and lead-free to keep children and Mother Earth safe.

Making a difference

inspires us. When our knitted play food and Waldorf-style Camden dolls became popular, we found that we couldn't produce larger quantities at prices our customers could afford. Local customers who volunteer in Peruvian villages found a solution that was consistent with our values and standards. A Peruvian cooperative of economically disadvantaged women now hand-dyes and knits our soft play food. Another cooperative that employs hearing-impaired women now lovingly hand-sews our Camden dolls. We are are proud to be playing a significant role in the American craft revival, and we are also proud to provide these women with a good livelihood. We feel a great commitment to both our American furniture makers and our Peruvian partners.

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