Values and Beliefs

We believe it is possible to raise healthy children without the harmful toxins and electronic influences that challenge today's families. When our first child was born in 1998, my husband and I chose natural toys and organics when possible, but felt frustrated by the limited options in local stores. The organic toys and clothing that met our standards were all made in Europe! Where were the safe, high-quality American-made toys?


Locally Handcrafted

How do we create such high-quality natural toys?  As Midwesterners, we're surrounded by lovely hardwood trees, as well as woodworking communities where skilled craftsmanship is alive and thriving. These talented furniture makers and craftspeople have become our wonderful partners. They help us design the highest quality wooden toys, furniture, and kitchen items, and handcraft them from local trees.


Preserving childhood

Camden Rose natural toys are made from wood, wool, silk, and cotton. Children love these materials because they have a warm, honest quality that appeals to the senses. Unlike plastic, they do not impart a false impression of weight, mass, or touch.  Imbued with the life force of trees, plants, and living creatures such as honeybees, our toys are lovely to touch and behold. Their warmth and beauty encourages...

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