Our Story

Our wooden items are constructed by craftspeople that specialize in woodworking. High quality hardwoods like cherry, maple and walnut are prefered, as these woods are beautiful, durable and impart a sense of warmth and comfort. Our difference is in the details. Our craftspeople take extra effort to create smooth, softened edges on all of our wood products.

Camden Rose is proud to support two fair trade, non-profit organizations outside of Lima, Peru. Hearing impaired women are employed in one cooperative, disadvantaged women in another. It warms our hearts to know the lives we have impacted there has provided the women a livelihood. We feel a great sense of obligation to support and grow this relationship.

With production in both the US and in Peru, we have experienced significant change over the past couple of years with price increases due to limited availability of raw materials. In the US, the cost of various hardwoods has greatly increased - along with the demand for theses wood overseas. Camden Rose continues to be a part of the movement to create a market for items made in the US at fair, competitive prices.

Besides making quality items to last generations, our desire is to only use natural materials such as wood, silk, wool or cotton. Natural materials are not indestructible; however, wood, silk, wool and cotton are non-toxic, renewable, have a natural quality of warmth, and do not impart a false impression of weight, mass or touch.