A sweet, soft doll lovingly handmade from natural wool, cotton, and silk is an ideal first doll and a beautiful, warm alternative to plastic.

Camden Doll “Anna”

This is the first doll that we purchased for our adopted daughter’s on our 1st Christmas together. My daughter is Latina, African American and Italian. I wanted a doll that is as beautiful as she is and Anna fits my vision perfectly. I especially love the fact that she is all natural and handmade in Peru. So when when my little one sucks on her hands, I know that she isn’t getting a mouth full of plastics, dyes, and chemicals. Also I love the fact that I am buying a fair trade product and supporting local families in Peru. Another reviewer stated that these dolls are made by people who are hard of hearing. Love the intentionality of this doll and the company!

When we play with Anna or as we call her “Anita”, we speak in Spanish. It’s fun to create a personality for her and reminds me to help my daughter become bilingual. She calls all of her dolls Anna which is sweet and Anna is the first one she looks for when placed in her crib.

Anna has more of a firm squishy feeling to her. She has a cute pair of pink boxer shorts and a pink dress as pictured. She is a beautiful brown color and her hair is made of yarn with two pink ribbons. Her hair looks a little wild because the yarn has increased in volume with play. I love the kind of wild look of her hair because my daughter’s hair is pretty wild too 🙂 Her eyes and mouth are stitched and her nose is just a bump from under the fabric. She has a nice natural smell to her …. I think it’s the wool.

Anita is perfect! We hope that you will enjoy her as much as we do.