Our solid wood simple hearth, with gently curved corners, turnable wooden knobs, a faucet, oven, burners, and storage cabinet. Removable stainless steel oven tray and stainless steel sink bowl.

Simple Hearth Wooden Play Kitchen

This is a purchase you won’t regret. Got one for our little boy when living in Miami, and since shipping myself the item to Hawaii would have been so expensive, I just got a new one for the Hawaii home and passed on the one in Miami to a friend. Yes, it is so beautiful that you just want to keep it in your home… no matter what age the children might be at (or adults 🙂 ). Keep it under the rainbow canopy silk with the matching play stands- it looks so wholesome and feels so good to have in the home. My son’s toys are organized in baskets on the shelfs of the play stand, and the setup has often turned into a store, farmers market or restaurant. My son has always been very ‘boy-ish’… so I thought this would soften him up and nurture that caring loving side of a male (would love to see more of that in the future generations 🙂 )… and it has worked so far. He is 7 and still loves playing with it. It is usually the first thing adults are even drawn to as they enter our home… just gives that wholesome good feeling. Will probably keep this item in the home for grand-children.

The quality is beyond superb… I talked to the owner many years ago and had tears in my eyes when I heard of the process of how these items are made: They wait until a tree falls in the forrest, then have the local Amish people log it out with horse and wagon not to disturb wild-life, then adult hand-crafters shape the toys and items and before it’s shipped out they bless them. Now that is a business I completely want to support! I know they are not making much profit (after all, it is adults supporting family making these items, not children in China…) , but I personally would pay even more for this item. It is made for life-times…. so refreshing 🙂