Spring Lyre

Price: $139.99
Recommended age: 3 and up
Materials: Cherry, brass and steel
Made in: USA
Dimensions: 13 inches long x 8 inches wide 1.75 inches thick
Item #: 5001

The pentatonic lyre captivates children with harmonious tones. The Spring Lyre is tuned to the pentatonic scale, with 7 strings:

a,g,e,d,c,A,G. The Spring Lyre comes complete with a partial replacement

string set, turning wrench, felt accessory & storage pouches, and a

Lyre care booklet. Handcrafted, solid cherry; 13x 8x1.75 inches. The partial replacement string set has 5 strings: .12 for g and a; .14 for e; .16 for d; .17 for B or c; and .20 for G and A.

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