Original Beeswax Polish

Price: $8.99
Materials: Michigan beeswax, food-grade mineral oil
Made in: USA
Dimensions: 4 oz.
Item #: 6001

We took great care in creating this formula that blends the protection of beeswax with the “feeding” properties of mineral oil. We use the highest-grade beeswax that comes to us directly from apiaries in an unrefined state. After we clean out the impurities, we heat-blend the beeswax with food-grade oils to suspend the ingredients so that separation is minimal and thus prevents any wax build-up. Its consistency is unique; some describe it as a solid polish in a liquid state of being.

It is easy to use and smells wonderful. Simply dip a cloth into the jar, apply, let it dry and buff it BEEautiful. Your wood, concrete and leather items will gleam with delight at being rejuvenated by a gift from the bees.

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