Little Trucks

Price: $9.99-29.99
Ages: 3 and up
Materials: Cherry, walnut, birch
Made in: USA
Dimensions: 6” long, 2” wide, 3” high
Item # & Style: 3001: One of Each, $29.99
Item # & Style: 3001B: Pick Up, $9.99
Item # & Style: 3001A: Flat Bed, $9.99
Item # & Style: 3001C: Log Hauler, $9.99

Each wood truck in the Camden Rose My Little Truck Series are sized for little hands. They are great first wood trucks, just right for young children. Pushing little wood trucks helps infants and toddlers learn how their body works. Imaginative activity toys help children explore their physical environment; wheeled toys encourage movement and discovery. Finished with beeswax to show off the characteristic beauty of cherry, birch and walnut.

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