Childs Wooden Bowls

Price: $12.99 & $15.99
Recommended age: All ages
Materials: Cherry Wood, Beech Wood
Made in: USA
Dimensions: 5-6 inches diameter
Item # / Description: 1050 - Cherry, $15.99
Item # / Description: 1051 - Beech, $12.99

These lovely, practical child-sized bowls are 5-6 inches in diameter. Each bowl is made in Michigan from a solid block of wood, sanded silky-smooth and finished with our All-Natural Beeswax Polish. Cherry wood will naturally darken with age.

Wood Care: Wood bowls should not be soaked in water, nor washed in a dishwasher or used in a microwave. To clean use a wet cloth or non-abrasive scrub pad. After washing, dry with a dry cloth. For all wood products utilized for kitchen use (including bowls, cutting boards and utensils), it is recommended an occasional coating of beeswax polish be applied. This process preserves the moisture content of the wood.

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