Camden Boy Doll

Price: $59.99
Recommended age: 3 and up
Materials: 100% woolen & 100% cotton
Made in: Peru
Dimensions: approx. 11 inches tall
Item # / Name / Description: 2140: Jake - Brown Hair, Brown Eyes
Item # / Name / Description: 2141: Shawn - Black Hair, Brown Eyes, Ethnic Skin
Item # / Name / Description: 2142: Charlie - Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes

Camden Boy Dolls are the perfect first doll for your toddler. Each doll is handmade, with a natural cotton shell and filled with pure wool roving. Expressive facial features, 100% wool hair. Cotton clothing. Each boy dolls comes with a short curly hairstyle. Made by hearing disabled women in our Fair Trade cooperative in Lima, Peru.

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