Baby Long Sleeve Bodysuit w/ Snap

Price: $34.99
Recommended age: Newborn - Babyhood
Materials: 70% merino wool, 30% fine silk
Made in: Switzerland
Organic Certification: Demeter
Item # and Size: BBLS62 (62/69, 3-6 months)
Item # and Size: BBLS74 (74/80, 6-12 months)
Item # and Size : BBLS86 (86/92, 12-24 months)

Our super soft woolens are made in Switzerland of 70% organic merino wool and 30% silk. They provide a soft, comfortable layer to help maintain an even body temperature.

Care Instructions: Woolens are very simple to care for. Just wash weekly or bi-weekly in a mild soap that will not strip the anti-bacterial qualities of lanolin in the woolens. Lukewarm water is best. Baby shampoo is a simple alternative. Washing your woolens by hand will extend their life. Air dry all woolens. Rolling them up in a towel after washing will provide a quicker air drying time.

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